"Donna is one of those great souls who generously gives of the wisdom and experience that she has developed during her stellar journalism career. She is by far one of the most talented, hilarious, thoughtful and responsible journalists I've ever known.” 
— Bridget Petrella, CEO, Bridget Petrella Media Relations

"Donna is a terrific reporter, writer and editor. She is determined, hard-working, takes initiative and is not satisfied until the project goes above and beyond what the assignment required. She will do whatever it takes to get a story right, and she is a pleasure to work with throughout the process.”
— Patty Rhule, USA Today

"Donna distinguished herself as an aggressive and tireless investigator."
— Del Stone, Freedom Communications

"I've worked with Donna on countless local stories and photo assignments since she came to work with the Chron. She's definitely one of the most unflappable editors I've worked with, an oddity in a field which has more than its share of high-strung 'personalities.' I don't understand how she pulls it off without the drama and theatrics, but the work just seems to get done somehow... and it always comes out right. And isn't that what it's all about?"
— R. Clayton McKee, photojournalist

"Donna has a passion for the newspaper industry, and she's a talented writer and editor. She's bright and articulate, two characteristics that make her an amazing writer. As a manager and editor, she not only cared about developing a story but she also helped to enhance the skills of reporters with whom she worked and even those who did not report directly to her.” 
— Kimberly Blair, Pensacola News Journal 

"Donna is a strong storyteller and has a passion for news. She is what I would consider a true journalist in this day and age, willing to go the extra mile for truth, accuracy and details in her reporting. Her words are precise and touching. She is a joy to work with, keeping her focus on the deadline, but never drifting away from the reason she is there: getting the full and compelling story to the readership."   
— Jeffrey Willis, Daily News

"The fact Donna can write both fiction and nonfiction amazes me; to be able to draw that line between fantasy and reality speaks to her abilities and passion for the written word. Donna is an educator, patient enough to mentor and shape new writers, yet she's "life smart," with the kind of wisdom only years of perfecting a craft can yield. Donna believes in telling it like it is, something I admire in both a leader and a friend." 
— Kim Morgan, freelance writer

"Donna is such a thorough and meticulous editor that it surprises me she found time for sleep, let alone writing books. I continue to be amazed by her productivity and high energy level, as well as her positive outlook on life. She is a true professional, a publication's dream editor and writer who combines sensitivity in handling news and the patience of a good teacher. She has an eagle eye for spotting the story behind the story (as well as any errors in fact, punctuation and spelling). She is a joy to work with because she is a deeply caring person who is committed to excellence and improving the world around her. Her work is of the highest caliber, and so is her character that is reflected by her generous spirit and philanthropic actions. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is a true champion of her craft and I strongly recommend Donna to any potential employer who has the good fortune to hire her.” 
— Betty Martin, freelance writer

"Donna Hatch is an excellent editor who consistently demonstrates professionalism, strong organizational skills and creativity in her work. Not only is Donna a talented editor, she has a knack for bringing out the best in those for write for her. She has a keen eye for good story ideas, and she effectively conveys her vision for those stories to her writers. She also has mastered the delicate balancing act of improving articles when she edits them without being heavy-handed in her approach. Donna puts her all into her work. During her years as a section editor the Houston Chronicle’s Neighborhood News sections, she genuinely cared about the people and communities she covered. She wanted the stories she assigned to have a positive impact, and she got excited when they did. And she made sure the writers and photographers she worked with felt appreciated for their contributions. I have no doubt that Donna will be a tremendous asset wherever she goes from here."
— Flori Meeks, freelance writer

"Donna is a versatile journalist who knows her craft and one of the best editors I have come across in my 12 years with the Houston Chronicle. She has built her career upon extensive adventures with numerous solid news-gathering organizations in the nation. Her natural gift as a writer may have been obscured by her editing career at the Chronicle, but Donna inspires awe in me as a writer who has had the privilege to read her work imbued with wit, color and poetry. Donna has an engaging personality and is passionate about what she believes in. I recommend Donna for any endeavor she seeks."
— Zen T.C. Zheng, senior communications specialist

"Working for Donna was a great experience. She is smart, has sharp editing skills, a good eye for news, she is enthusiastic and understanding of her writers' needs. She is always on top of things, she offers advice but is always the first to praise. She is also fun to work with."
— Carissa Lamkahouan, CDL Communications

"Donna motivated students to ensure stories were accurately reported and written. Thanks to Donna, the students exceeded expectation." 
— Cynthia Smith, Chronicle Classroom program

“Donna Hatch is a talented and conscientious writer and editor. Not only is she knowledgeable and detail-oriented, she's also personable and easy to work with.”  
—Carol Christian, Houston Chronicle

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Donna Gable Hatch