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Donna Gable Hatch

From the page you will find links to samples of my work, which have been categorized to make it easier for perusal.

The links above will take you to each of the categories, as well as back to the home page.

I have written (and edited) thousands of articles in the course of my career, so this is by no means a complete archive of my work, but it should provide insight into my style and versatility as a writer. I am available for freelance writing, editing, copyediting and proofreading assignments. Among my clients are Change MagazineGalveston MonthlyTri Destiny Publishing, and Fated Desires Publishing.

Recent clips

The Restoration of the Texas Heroes Monument. Read

Jack Morris' legacy secured on the Island art scene. Read

Robert Peterson finds inspiration in Mother Nature. Read

Galveston band's music pays homage to nature around them. Read

Two popular family-owned eateries in Galveston are must-visit stops when traveling to The Oleander City. Read

Oldest ice cream factory in Texas is buzzing again; but with a new purpose. Read

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